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H45 | 200 Lumens Emergency Hand-cranked Rechargeable Flashlight

H45 | 200 Lumens Emergency Hand-cranked Rechargeable Flashlight

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Emergency Hand-cranked Charging 4 colors mode (Red/Blue/Green/White)

Headlights Table Lamp Mode

95 Color Render Index CRI


High-power, waterproof flashlight with adjustable color (red/blue/green/White) and 5W lamp power. 30 hours of emergency lighting provided by hand-cranking or Type-C direct charging. CE certified and ABS material ensure lasting quality. Get ready to light up any situation!



Emitting Color: Red/Blue/Green/White

Input Voltage(V): AC 220V(± 10%)

Lamp Power(W): 5

Support Dimmer: Yes

Flashlight Type: Tactical Flashlight

Brand Name: Matchstick

Usage: Emergency

Power Source: Hand-Cranked Power Charge/Type-C Direct Charging

Lighting Period (h): 30

IP Rating: Waterproof

Lamp Body Material: ABS

Lamp Luminous Flux(lm): ≤500

Certification: CE


Step into a world where darkness holds no power. Introducing the Matchstick high-power, waterproof flashlight – a beacon of reliability and innovation that stands tall against any challenge. Imagine holding in your hands a device that not only illuminates but empowers with its versatility and unwavering performance.

This tactical flashlight isn't just about brightness; it's a symphony of colors at your command. With its adjustable color feature—offering red, blue, green, and classic white hues—it transforms any environment into your personal canvas, adapting effortlessly to your needs.

Bathed in the rugged strength of ABS material and CE certified for enduring quality, the Matchstick flashlight embodies resilience. Its 5W lamp power delivers a luminous flux of up to 500 lumens, casting a powerful beam that cuts through the night, leaving shadows trembling in its wake.

What truly sets this masterpiece apart is its unwavering reliability during crises. With up to 30 hours of emergency lighting, this wonder doesn't merely rely on conventional power sources. Seamlessly transition from Type-C direct charging to the ingenuity of hand-cranked power charge, ensuring you're never left in the dark.

In the hands of adventurers, outdoor enthusiasts, and emergency responders, this flashlight reigns supreme. Its waterproof prowess fearlessly battles the elements, while its dimmer support allows for customized lighting suited to any scenario.

Get ready to embrace the unexpected. Whether it's a power outage, an outdoor escapade, or an emergency situation, the Matchstick flashlight stands tall, illuminating the path forward with unwavering reliability. This isn't just a device; it's a testament to preparedness, a beacon of light in the face of uncertainty. Embrace the power to light up any situation with Matchstick.

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