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Haikelite HK95 | High Power Long Range 23000LM COB Searching Flashlight

Haikelite HK95 | High Power Long Range 23000LM COB Searching Flashlight

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Haikelite HK95 High Power Long Range 23000LM 1700m COB Flashlight 

Basic Parameters

Emitter: SFH50
Flux: 23000LM
Range: 1700M
Candela: 65WCD
LED:One SFH55 90 lamp bead 6000-6500K colour
Body: 6063 Aluminum Alloy Material
Lens: Tempered glass lens
Surface treatment: Military grade 3 hard anodising
Color: Black
Battery: Built-in 6 x 18650 batteries, 20,000 mAh
Springs:  Ultra-low internal resistance copper alloy silver plated spring.
Charging Display: Type-C bidirectional fast charging port available. The
indicator light of the switch is red when charging and it changes to blue when fully charged.
Charging Time:20,000 mAh, 45W charger, Duration about 3 hours
Emitter: 3800K-4800K / 6000-6500K
Ingress rating: Normal waterproof not diving
Dimension:: 265mm(length)x 83mm(head) x48mm(tail) x47mm at the handle
Weight: N.W1090g / G.W1435g
Packing list:
HK95 Flashlight *1
O ring *1
Product Instruction *1
carrying strap*1
Type-C USB pallet *1
C-C *1
Quick Start
Infinitely Dimmable:
When opened, press and hold the switch to infinitely dim up the brightness, release the switch and press again to change the dimming direction and lower the brightness.The lowest gear is set to 1500 lumens
the most practical long range gear

Temperature control mode:
when the torch temperature
reaches 55 ℃, there will be temperature control protection
function, the brightness will be slowly reduced to 3500
lumens, continuous long light about 6 hours

Camping light dimming:
click to turn on press and hold the
switch for infinite dimming up to extremely bright 10,000
lumens sun natural light, release the switch and then press
and hold to change the dimming direction to low brightness
1500 lumens sun natural light.

Extremely Bright Burst Mode:
When the M button is switched on, double-click - Extremely Bright Double-click again to enter Rapid Flash - Double-click again to enter S0S mode - Double-click again to enter Tactical Flash, which can
be switched off with a single click in any gear.

Charging indication function: Red light when charging, blue light when full

Cell phone charging instructions: Blue light on when charging

Power display:
Battery level indicator: when the battery is
below 6.6V blue light flashes, below 6V red light flashes,
below 5.7 will automatically shut down

Charging power:
Charging multiple protocols up to 45W supports bi-directional super fast charging.

Ramping/Stepped Ramping Switch:
When the M button is switched on, a quick three-tap for Switching between infinitely dimmable and gear modes.

Stall mode: 
The first 1500 lumens (12 hours), the second 3500 lumens | (6 hours), the third 4500 lumens, the fourth 5500 lumens, the fifth 7000 lumens Double-click to enter the main light is extremely bright 13,000 lumens (60s downshift +360 minutes), the main light + auxiliary light at the same time to open the extremely bright 23,000 lumens.

Lockout Mode:
Press and hold for three seconds to enter the
lock function when switched off, and for three seconds to
unlock when switched on.
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