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Aluminium Alloy HoneyComb EDC 2100 Lumens

Aluminium Alloy HoneyComb EDC 2100 Lumens

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HoneyComb EDC 2100 Lumens

An ingeniously crafted beacon inspired by the intricate design concept of a bee house. Meticulously engineered using top-tier materials such as aluminum alloy, stainless steel, titanium alloy, and fortified with a tempered glass lens boasting a specialized coating, this flashlight embodies a harmonious fusion of innovation and style.

Elevating the experience for EDC enthusiasts, this compact marvel houses 3 x Luminous SST-20 White light LEDs along with 1 x 3535\RGB LED, delivering an illuminating prowess that echoes the brilliance of its namesake. The unique lamp shape draws inspiration from the hexagonal architecture of bee hives, marrying functionality with an artistic touch.

Empowered by an 18350 battery (not included) and featuring a tactile mechanical switch conveniently located at the tail button, this flashlight ensures swift and intuitive operation, catering to the demands of urban explorers and outdoor aficionados alike.

Measuring a mere 27.5mm x 96mm and boasting a featherweight construction tipping the scales at only 112g, this EDC essential seamlessly combines portability with power. For added convenience, it arrives with a clip and battery, ready to accompany you on your adventures.

This EDC masterpiece illuminates with a commanding 2100 Lumens output and is packed with intelligent features. Its durable aluminum alloy body, resistant to corrosion, stands as a testament to robustness and endurance. Additionally, the inclusion of a resilient tempered glass lens, fortified with a specialized coating, provides impeccable protection against wear and tear, ensuring clarity and longevity.

Innovative in both design and functionality, the HoneyComb EDC flashlight pays homage to the bee's architectural precision while offering unparalleled performance and reliability. Embrace the synergy of form and function, as this portable marvel stands poised to brighten your journey, igniting a path that echoes the spirit of adventure.


 MaterialStainless steel/Titanium Alloy/Aluminium Alloy Shell, Aluminium Alloy Press button,Lamp Base,inside lamp body.

Surface TreatmentGrinding/Primary ColorsPress button,Lamp Base,inside lamp body processed by anodic oxidation.

 LED3x Luminus SST-20 White light LED1x 3535\RGB LED

 LensPC optical lens、Tempered Glasse lens with coating

 Battery1x 18350 Battery

 Off/OnTail Botton Mmechanical Switch


 Weight112gBattery excluded


  1. The above data is obtained from tests conducted in our company's laboratory using 18350 (1100mAh) batteries. Due to variations in batteries used or testing environments, test results may differ.
  2. This product incorporates an over-temperature protection module. When the surface temperature of the flashlight exceeds 55℃, it will automatically reduce brightness.


Operating Instructions

2.1 When using for the first time, unscrew the tail cap, insert the battery with the positive end facing forward into the body of the flashlight, then screw the tail cap back on.

2.2 While the flashlight is off, press the tail switch to turn on the flashlight, entering the default mode. Press the switch again to turn it off.

2.3 Mode switching: While the light is on, lightly tap the tail switch and release it within 1 second. The flashlight will switch to the next mode.

2.4 Mode selection: While in the illuminated state of the white light mode, quickly tap the switch twice to enter the color light mode; vice versa. While in the white light mode or color light mode, quickly tap the switch three times to enter the strobe mode.

2.5 Mode and brightness settings are as follows: a. White light mode: Low brightness - Medium brightness - High brightness b. Color light mode: Low brightness - High brightness - Strobe c. Strobe mode: Flash - SOS

2.6 The default setting is the low brightness mode of the white light mode, with no mode memory and no brightness level memory.

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