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T3 2000 Lumens Stepless Dimming Flashlight

T3 2000 Lumens Stepless Dimming Flashlight

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T3 2000 Lumens Stepless Dimming Flashlight



Super bright torch with 2000 lumens, equipped with the latest imported Luminus SST high-performance LED beads: the rechargeable torch has the newly developed super durable LED chip SST40.2. The maximum beam distance can reach 1000 metres (3280 feet). The service life is up to 12,000 hours. The torch is very small and easy to carry. Recommended for outdoor, camping, mountaineering, fishing, blackout and other necessities.

[5 Lighting Modes - Stepless Dimming Mode] The torch has three basic modes: strong light, low light and flash. In addition, the torch has a unique stepless dimming technology. You can hold down the switch to realize the brightness conversion between low brightness lumens and lumens with high brightness, thus obtaining more accurate lighting brightness. Double click to enter the unique super bright mode

USB C Charging Smart Power Display: The new generation torch is equipped with Type-C charging, which is 20% faster than normal USB charging. Overcharge protection circuit, stable current, safe to use. The built-in 21700 high capacity battery makes the torch durable. The switch has an intelligent power indicator. A green light indicates sufficient power. If the battery level is below 20%, a red light will be displayed.

High performance heat dissipation design and IPX6 waterproof specifications: Made of aviation grade aluminium alloy, it has strong corrosion resistance. It can withstand a fall from 3 metres high. The torch is IPX6 waterproof and can be used on rainy days. The special non-slip design and the use of the lanyard allow the torch to be used in emergency situations such as power outages and some outdoor activities.

Super bright 2000 lumens torch, equipped with Luminus SST LED beads, produces a beam of 1000m. 12,000 hrs lifespan. Small & easy to carry. 5 lighting modes, incl. stepless dimming. Type-C charging, faster than USB. 21700 battery, IPX6 waterproof & 3m-drop-proof. Non-slip design, w/lanyard for outdoor emergencies.

[Super Service Warranty and 2 Years Warranty] We promise thorough inspection and quality assurance. After purchase, you will enjoy a 2 year manufacturer's warranty. So if you have any problems during use, please feel free to contact our customer support. 

Query method: please contact us at any time under "Order History" - "Purchase History" - "Seller (Name of Store)" - "Questions" on the right side of the store page. Please buy with confidence.

Package List:

1* flashlight

1*21700 rechargeable battery

1* Type-C USB cable



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