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R02 Extreme Wide Shot Flashlight

R02 Extreme Wide Shot Flashlight

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3KM extreme wide shot: LED tactical torch, extremely bright, battery operated, USB rechargeable, IPX67 waterproof, 5 light modes



Breakthrough 3 km ultra-wide shot:

when using the new NM1 LED, brightness up the irradiation distance can reach 3000 metres, delivers an incredibly strong beam, a 120 square metre room can be easily illuminated, making the light beam like a lightsaber and the night as bright as the day, is perfect. For outdoors, hiking, hunting. Camping, fishing, emergencies and also an ideal gift for men.

Key lock function + 5 modes + adjustable focus:

Press the button in any mode three times quickly to lock the button and prevent misoperation. Switchable high-medium, low-strobe-so five lighting modes, perfect for everyday use. Stretch the torch head for floodlight/spotlight zoom, floodlight is suitable for large area lighting, and the spotlight can focus the beam on objects within 3000, and is easily visible.

Type C quick charging:

Torch battery operated, built-in hidden type C charging interface, the charging current is 2A and the charging time 2-3 hours, compatible with a variety of chargers, the charging speed is 30% higher than that of ordinary USB and can be charged quickly. The torch also has an output function to charge your mobile phone and other devices, the included 5000mAh high capacity 26650 battery can be used repeatedly.

IP-X67 waterproof + advanced manufacturing process:

fully sealed protective design, effectively prevent rainwater from entering, solid integrated storage technology, protects the wick effectively, dissipates heat faster and works as usual without fear of strong cold and low temperatures. In addition, it has an excellent overcharge/over-discharge protection function to effectively protect battery charging problems.

Necessary tools for outdoor activities + package list:

It is a must for your camping, adventure riding, disaster protection and other emergency needs, the torch also has a flash function. If you are in danger or have lost, the flashlight flash function makes it easier for rescuers to search for you.

Package List:

1 x torch,                                                                                                                                1 x 26650 battery                                                                                                                  1 x type C fast charging data cable                                                                                      1 x 18650 battery plastic tube                                                                                                1 x AAA battery holder                                                                                                          1 x lanyard                                                                                                                            1 x manual

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